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Antique Curio Cabinets

Here you will find different suppliers that offer antique curio cabinets at great prices that can surely fit every budget.

There are two types of antique curio cabinets on the market today: those that are reproductions of antique furniture and those that are actual original curio cabinets that are now of the antique category.

So keep this important fact in mind as you shop for an antique piece of curio furniture.

Most curio cabinets of modern design are manufactured by large furniture companies that mass produce their products.

This type of curio cabinet can sometimes lose the touch of character that is a big part of antique curio cabinets were made by hand, carved with imagination and artisan craftsmanship.

If you shop around carefully you can find true antique curios. These, you will quickly find, come in many varieties, shapes and designs.

There are certain antique curio cabinets that include floral motifs or other naturalistic elements like carved birds or leaves. Others are more simple in their design.  Still others are designed as a wall curio cabinet.
The types of hardwood that were used to make these were specially selected and were sculpted using hand tools. These are state of the art antique pieces with features that can’t be found in modern designed curio cabinets.

Machines can duplicate and can mass produce certain designs but their perfection is the flaw. The advantage of antique curio cabinet and the reason why it is still in trend today is the durability and sturdiness of its joints and the materials used and its unique character.

The variety and the color of its wood is one of the reasons why it is so popular. They feature stains and wood colors which are very rare today. Most hardwoods start off as a rich golden color and darken overtime which give antique curio cabinets an elegant and admired look.

As well built curio cabinets age they become more cherished and expensive. The older the age of the wood the more durable and elegant it is. Also, the more it is exposed to sunlight the more it changes its color and the more it becomes rare – giving a distinctive character that many people desire.

One of the classical designs for a curio cabinet is the Tudor design. Oak is one of the most popular used woods with the Tudor design style.

This style of curio cabinet presents simplistic designs and adds elegant look to your collections or valued items. Since it is covered or coated of oak wood, its typical color is golden brown.

Other antique curio cabinets use walnut instead of oak wood; however, this type of wood is not as durable compare to cabinets made of oak wood.

Some older curio cabinets have precise decorative carvings in ivory, mother-of-pearl and elephant tusk or animal bone. Other curio cabinets of classical design use maple and fruitwoods. Others simply use forest wood with forest-fresh fragrance.

Most antique curio cabinets are eye-catching and are finished with elegant brass hardware. These can make a great addition to any room and are a great way to showcase a collection of fine china, figurines or trophies or family photos and capture someone's attention or bring out a focal point. It also complements home interiors with classical decors.