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Glass Curio Cabinet

Featured here are top suppliers that offer many styles of the glass curio cabinet at very reasonable prices.

The glass curio cabinet is an eye-catching way to showcase small but treasured collectibles like figurines, autographed basketball souvenirs and a lot more.

Dedicated collectors often use glass cabinets to maintain and display their collections. They find this type of curio cabinet as a perfect way to really show off their various memorabilia.

Glass curio cabinet also allows you and your guests to view your china or family photos from any angle in the room. Obviously, creating a focal point and obscuring them with wood is not that necessary.

Plus, glass curio cabinets are quite popular due to the mirrored backs. Other glass curio cabinets with mirrored backs allow plenty of light to keep all treasures in plain sight. Others include built in lightings to illuminate trophies or family photos at any time of the night or day.

Some of the most popular glass curio cabinets feature an all glass front. This curio allows you to showcase collectibles without having any of the frames blocking or compromising the view.

Some feature many glass shelves, mirrored back and interior lighting – this is perfect to showcase your oversized collectibles, such as doll collection and trophies.   Some glass curios come in version to be mounted called the wall curio cabinet.

There is also vintage styled glass curio cabinet available in the market. This type of cabinet usually features two sliding front panel doors and framed by two arched sides.
And to glorify each showcased piece, some glass curios use halogen lighting and mirrored backs. A mirrored back is more common with glass curios that are looking to provide a more spacious effect. This is also used in maintaining sense, style and elegance. 

If you go with a corner glass curio cabinet, then choose the one that fits into a non used corner but make sure not compromise its elegance. Be sure not to allow this curio to be obstructed by any other furniture inside the room. 

But aside from its features, you must also know and learn how to take proper care for this type of furniture. First, you must start cleaning your glass curio cabinet by dusting it off. Then, spray a little mixture on the glass and wipe the surface with a lint-free cloth.

The cleaning solutions or detergent should be mild and should be followed by wiping with a dry cloth to remove any streaks or solutions’ residues. If possible, keep your glass curio cabinet away from direct sunlight since uneven drying of its surface tends to leave residues.

Next is the frame. The frames will be made of many different products from metal to wood. To effectively clean the frames, a simple solution of some mild soap in water and a damp cloth will be most beneficial – this should be done as often as necessary.

Be sure to keep your collectables inside your curio case clean. Dusting and wiping them with a soft and dry cloth will keep your collectibles looking wonderful.

Before making any purchase, you must make sure that there is enough space in your home for your glass curio cabinet. Also make sure the curio cabinet you have your heart set on will hold and display all your collectables.

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